Monday 2 June 2014

Day four - Free-range egg farming and renewable energy

For the final day of research and site visits, the residents headed north of South Australia to Rohde's Free-Range Egg Farm. Rohde's Free Range Egg Farm have been producing Free Range Eggs for more than 50 years, in the rural surrounds of Tarlee in the Clare ValleyIt was great to get an insight on what makes the eggs free range and how the farm has been awarded this accreditation. 

This was followed by another site visit, to Waterloo Wind Farm, where we were gained an insight into how Waterloo's 37 turbines generate clean energy to a number of homes in South Australia. 

Take a look at some of what we got up to on  both our site-visits to Waterloo Wind Farm and Rohde's Free-Range Egg Farm on our Documentation page.

Day three - Fish farms, aquaculture, research and development

After a break on Wednesday, Day 3 of the residency saw the artists visit the South Australian Research and Development Institute - SARDI followed by a trip 20km outside of Adelaide's CBD to Barra Fresh fish farm. 

From the population of Great White sharks and sea lions to the health of the Murray-Darling, SARDI covers the likes of aquaculture nutrition, marine and freshwater ecology, oceonography and fishery biology. Take a look at some of what we got up to on our site-visit to SARDI as well as Barra Fresh on our Documentation page.

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Day two - Self-sufficiency and sustainable practice

Tuesday saw the residents get out of the urban surroundings and into the country with a trip to a self-sufficient property in Milang and to a larger-scale, commercial practice at B.-d. Farm Paris Creek. 

The group was very well fed by both John and Roberta, & Ulli at Paris Creek - check out the spread on our Documentation page

Monday 26 May 2014

Day one - Land management and urban farming

We've been travelling around SA - from meeting Wayne Bright, an Adnyamathanha man from the Flinders Ranges working in native land conservation, to getting hands-on at Wagtail Urban Farm to help Nathaniel and team. 

For more details check out our Documentation page 

Friday 23 May 2014

Conversations about the future - Check out the videos

We have uploaded new video interviews with some of the great people we have met with so far. We'll keep adding more as we go - check out the Our videos section on the right for more >>

Here's Daniel Spencer from the Adelaide branch of the Youth Climate Coalition, answering the question: "What does the future look like?"

Thursday 22 May 2014

Welcome to the Future Present residency blog!

The Future Present residency, a climate change project for Adhocracy 2014, commences this coming Monday 26 May. Over the course of the two week residency we will be updating this site, posting pics, videos, writing, links and news on our adventures. Stay tuned!

 Image: Rosie Dennis with Ulli Spranz, B.-d. Farm, Paris Creek